Military Cemetaries

Lorraine American Military Cemetary
Metz, France

Looking from the steps of the chapel towards the overlook.

Looking back from the overlook towards the chapel.

The Chapel

Inside the chapel.

Cross after cross after cross...

Medal of Honor Winner
SSgt Andrew Miller.

Omaha Beach American Military Cemetary
Normandy, France

Memorial at one end and the chapel opposite at the far end.

Statue overlooking the reflecting pool.

This is the largest American military cememtaty outside of the United States.

German Military Cemetary
Dahn, Germany

Sign at the entrance denoting that 2407 fallen men from World War 2.

Views of the cemetary from below and above.

Simple markers.

One of several unknown soldiers.

The chapel.

A relief of St. George on the back wall of the chapel.

The dedication marker.

The final resting place of Lt General von Sponeck.

The grave registration book entry for the general. They keep the book outside the chapel to help people to find the graves.
Lt General Hans Graf von Sponeck commanded the 42nd Army Corps on 8 December 1941 and was responsible for securing the peninsula of Kertsch in Russia. Instuctions from Hitler to all commanders on the Eastern Front were simple - there was absolutley no retreat.  General von Sponeck requested to pull back to establish a new line east of Parpasch when 2 Russian Army divisions and a Naval infantry brigade penetrated the German defenses on Kretsch. He was refused. Despite the refusal, he allowed the defenders to vacate the peninsula after he was instructed to destroy the Russian forces regardless of the cost. General von Sponeck chose not to waste the lives of his men in a senseless attack. He was relieved of command on 29 December 1941 and court martialed.
On 23 January 1942, he was found guilty of "negligent disobedience" in the field and sentanced to death. The judgement was mitigated to a 6 year prison sentance. Von Sponeck was taken to a monastery barracks in Germersheim on 6 March 1942.

After the attempt on Hitler's life on 20 July 1944, Himmler directed von Sponeck be executed. Lt General von Sponeck was shot dead on 23 July at 7:13 a.m.