Loring's Flightline

Priority C Ramp

The sign prior to entering the C Ramp.
Make sure you duck all those "international" flights....

A shot from the north end of
the C Ramp.








A passing shot of one nose docks on the C Ramp.








The Arch Hanger. They were in the process of redoing the roof.

The Control Tower
locked up tight
The Bomber Alert Area minus it's fence and alarm tower. The large ramp area to the left was the parking area for four B-52s and 8 KC-135 tankers. The ramp running horizontaly across the picture was the taxiway out of the area.

One of the many klaxon's that kept our alert crews on their toes.

EC Alpha

The is the entry control point for the Bomber Alert Area. It used to have a small chainlink fence enclosure that allowed a person to exchange a badge to enter the area. Of course the gunport below the window reminded them that life can be short if you screwed up....

Crash Fire