Sites Around Loring


The dorm that I lived in prior to my second marriage. It was the newest dorms built when I was there.

The lake outside of the WSA

...of course I don't think I'd quite trust the fish that came out of these waters.....

The sign doesn't lie....the moose was making a hasty exit while we toured the WSA

My first unit - the 42nd Security Police Squadron.
A crack commando team made up of a bunch of overweight and older ex-cops rescued this from the building. I helped pull it off the wall where it had been mounted sometime in the past.
The building as it is today.

The Armory

Inside we found they had left the clearing barrels.

The Alert Facilty where the crews stayed during Loring's hayday. The Alert Facilty now. The grassy field in the foreground is where the security police dorm (my first dorm) stood.

My first dorm - 1980

The Law Enforcement Desk, 1991 The Law Enforcement Desk today

The NCO Club

Base Supply - my second unit

The snow plow used to clear the tracks around base










This was the brand new hospital built in the late '80s.
It's now used by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

This is all that's left of the enlisted housing.....

They demolished hundred's of two story units that had just been totally renovated in the late 80's and early 90's....
what a waste...